“Lorenzo Mitchell is an extremely well informed and articulate guide to the inner workings of classical music.  He is charming, generous and absolutely clear.  Best of all, his passion and love for music come across every time he opens his mouth.”
                                                                        Grammy award winning
                                                                        pianist and composer,
                                                                        Paul Sullivan


“As a retired music teacher, I found the time spent working with Lorenzo to be enormously helpful. His careful analysis of the musical scores was very insightful and engaging. I would definitively recommend his classes to anyone who wants a better understanding of music.”
                                                                        Carolyn Friedell


“…I am so appreciative of your well-run class, your effective teaching style, and your gentle humor. Thanks to you, I have a much better understanding of musical 'basics' and a better ear for listening.”
                                                                        Joan Markos


“…most especially thank you for helping educate the audiences. Your classes have brought many new people to campus with an awareness of what is going to be played. It is invaluable. The art couldn't continue without a knowledgeable and appreciative audience.”
                                                                        Ellen Werner
                                                                        Executive Director,
                                                                        Kneisel Hall Chamber
                                                                        Music Festival


“Your music classes brought so much to my life: my ability to listen was deeply enriched; my prior music education was brought forth in me, deepened and newly appreciated. My appreciation for the genius of Beethoven was awakened. (I cannot honestly say Beethoven is in my top 10 list, but…). I felt you were extraordinarily well-prepared for our classes, and your love of music shone forth at all times.  Being able to sit in your beautiful home listening to a beautifully prepared class of gorgeous music is one of my best summer experiences, and I thank you for all of it.”
                                                                        Mary Whiting


“Just a note to let you know that I enjoyed your music class very much.
I went to the Friday rehearsal last week at Kneisel Hall and hearing the 'Spring' Sonata played live was extra special.
  Again, thanks for offering this class.”
                                                                        Anita Wessel


“Your written material was amazing”
                                                                        Katrina Parson